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XVth century purse  En stock

Recreation of a 15th century German female purse discovered in Lübeck. Made in vegetable tanned goatskin in accordance with the original pieces. Chain stitch embroidery with vegetable dyed silk thread Fully hand-stitched with potted linen thread. Reinforcements on the top of the purse with 3mm natural leather lace. Dimensions in accordance with the original piece: 14 cm width X 22 cm length Price 90€

Medieval wallets with custom patterns  En stock

You would like to keep in one secure place your identity papers, credit card, bank notes without your wallet explodes in medieval events ? Well it's done, I offer a medieval wallet based on a XVth century piece of excavation . Reproduction of the original in goat leather with engraved pattern. All other patterns are embossed by hand (reproduction of fifteenth century illuminations). Made in vegetable tanned leather 1.5mm thickness. Dimensions identical to the original: 12cm length X 9cm width. Price 25 €

German big Purse  En stock

Recreation of a German excavation piece, late fifteenth - early sixteenth century. Compartment made with goatskin like the original, vegetal tanned leather flap embossed with a man's face. A goatskin underflap with pocket, an inside pocket; very common on these models. Entirely hand-stitched withwaxed linen thread. Dimensions: height 20cm, width 13.5cm. Price 110 €

Schleswig belt purse  En stock

Rarely seen on painting and enluminating of men with leather pouches on their belts (no representation of women has gone through the centuries). Most of the time, purses or fabric bags were worn around the waist. Here is the reproduction of the Schleswig belt pouch. With a diameter of 14cm, about 8cm in height and a band of 4cm wide sewn on the front and the back, this purse was to be used to carry money, lighter or any other small object. At the back of the pouch, two 3cm width incisions were incised; the pouch once slipped on the belt is at the same level as the belt(illustrations from the Crusader Bible) Medium brown alcohol dye, embossed pattern left in natural color, stitching with waxed linen thread Available for sale Price 75 €

"Battle of snowballs" girdle purse  En stock

Here is a single pouch girdle purse dated XIVth century with a hand embossed special illumination. The outline has been painted in gold. This is the detail of a fresco of the Palazzo Publico of Siena, "The Allegory of Winter" by Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1st half of the 14th century depicting a battle of snowballs. Dimensions: Height 22cm, width 22cm approximately Available for sale. Price 130€

Eide purse  En stock

Small purse, recreation from the excavations of Eide (Norway) and exhibited at the Bergen Museum with its weights found inside. Late fifth century Vendel period Made in goatskin, sewn with the thread of flaxen linen Dimensions without cord: Closed 8.5cm X 7cm - Open 8.5cm X 17cm 2 items available Price per one 15 €

German Leather Case  En stock

Leather case inspired by a German writing tablets german case (1400) on display at the Hessian Regional Museum in Darmstadt, Germany. Consisting of two layers of boiled leather 2.5cm thickness. Tunnel sewing with black waxed linen thread. The geometric patterns were drawn freehand, incised and embossed. Black dye is a medieval recipe based on iron. After dyeing, a long polishing with wool cloth was applied for a beautiful patina Dimensions: Height 12cm, Width 9cm, Thickness 3cm Available for sale. Price 220€

Landsknecht Purse  En stock

Here is a typical 16th century purse. I made it based on a Landsknecht illustration. I adapted the construction to technical constraints, the illustration being a bit fanciful for the meaning of the closures. This is the Landsknecht motto : "Al mein Gelt verspilt" (all my money has been wasted) in other words "Everything is temporary". The dye is a historic recipe based on iron oxide. Brass buckles and purse mounts. Dimensions: Height 20cm, Width 20cm, straps height 5cm Price 160€

Little round box  En stock

Reproduction of a 15th century leather box possible origin France or Italy exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 2 layers of vegetable tanned leather, hand incision and embossing on the external face with the IHS monogram (Iesus Hominum Salvatore) and floral patterns. Tunneled stitching with waxed linen thread. Dimensions: Diameter 7cm, Height 5cm. Price 200 €

XVth century venetian leather book box  En stock

Here is a beautiful and imposing object that I am proud to introduce you: a big book box, reproduction of a Venetian piece, from a private collection, however the Cologne Museum has agreed to provide me with some photos and information on this object. Dated from the last quarter of the 15th century. The box measures 18cm high, about 14cm wide and almost 9cm deep. Made in 2 layers of thick leather (more than 2mm thick). The inner layer was molded onto a beech shape. The outer layer was "boiled" and then sewn by force on the initial layer. All the patterns were drawn freehand according to those of the original part, incised and embossed. Black dye is a historic recipe based on iron oxide, so don't be surprised to see slight color differences in the photos. The finish was made with a patina in natural beewax. The brown suspension lace is made of deer leather. Price 420 €

Knife and leather case  En stock

Knife Leather case : half box half sheath! The 1.5mm thick strip of leather was boiled, shaped and sewn onto a wooden form. The patterns were drawn freehand and embossed directly onto the leather. Precision work in view of the dimensions of the object. Sewn with waxed linen thread, black dye based on iron oxide, braided loop and tassels in yellow vegetal dyed silk. The superb Heart motif knife delivered with this case was made by Tod Cutler. Total dimensions of the case: Length 21cm, Width 3.5cm, Depth 2cm. Price 200 €

Knife with embossed sheath  En stock

16th century knife (by Tod Cutler) and its sheath. The pattern on the sheath is largely inspired by an Italian excavation piece. Tunnel stitching with waxed linen thread on the back of the sheath. Historical iron oxide black dyed. Suspension cord in vegetable dyed blue silk braided loop (L'atelier de Micky) Dimensions of the sheath: Length 17.5cm, Width 3cm Knife dimensions: Total length 21cm, Cutting length 9cm Price 134 €

German comb leather case  En stock

Women in historical reenactment also use leather accessories. Here is for these ladies a pretty comb box, a replica of a German excavation piece dating from the 15th century on display at the National Museum in Nuremberg. Made of 2 layers of boiled leather, the box was built according to the original model ; the bottom was glued with fish glue, the top of the box was sewn with waxed linen thread. The freehand drawn patterns were incised and shaped with a spoon. Oxido-gallic black dye. Natural beeswax patina The suspension hand braided cord for hanging on the belt is made of 2 blue and yellow natural dyed silk threads. Dimensions: Height and Width 9cm, Depth 2.5cm Box delivered with its wooden comb Price 200 €

Damask knife andits leather case  En stock

Here is the result of a 6-hand work: A leather sheath for a damask knife made by Forge de gobannos enhanced by two brass parts made by Gothic cast medieval accessories. The knife is an evocation of the original piece, part of a treasure from the town of Burs on the island of Gotland, dated 1361 shortly before the battle of Visby. The brass pieces are exact replicas with the sole detail that they are not coated with silver. The knife has been forged in 8 alternating twisted layers and "welded" in the forge. The cutting edge was brought back in a kit of laminated damascus steel and welded in the forge of 312 layers The handle is in yew, a very common species in the making of handles in Scandinavia. The box was made in 2 layers of vegetable tanned leather 2mm thick, boiled and sewn in tunnel seam. Freehand drawn floral designs incised, embossed and spooned into a background of 1mm diameter dots. On the back of the sheath, the sourced geometric patterns have been incised. Oxid-gallic dye according to the historical recipe and patina with natural beeswax Knife dimensions: Total length 30.5cm; blade 17.5cm thickness 2.6cm Dimensions of the box: Length 32cm, Width 6cm, Thickness 3.5cm Price 750€

Cup case and lid  En stock

Here is a small leather box largely inspired by a French glass box from the 15th century. The 2.5mm thick inner layer was boiled then covered with a layer of 2mm vegetable tanned leather that was boiled and force sewn. The patterns were incised, pushed back with a spoon and enhanced with a background of small dots. Black oxidation-gallic dye and natural beeswax patina Diameter at the base 4.5cm, diameter at the lid 7.5cm Height 6.5cm Price 140 €

Wallet #1  En stock

These wallets could contain notes, bills of exchange and a few coins at best. Their small thickness made it possible to store them practically on oneself; today this accessory will allow you to store it in your purse or chaplain with your identity papers and credit card without clutter. These pieces are suitable for both women and men. Source early 16th century Middleburg: this model is a kind of wallet. Made from goatskin washed with linseed oil. Dimensions 12cm X 7cm Price: 30 €

Wallet #2  En stock

These wallets could contain notes, bills of exchange and a few coins at best. Their small thickness made it possible to store them practically on oneself; today this accessory will allow you to store it in your purse or chaplain with your identity papers and credit card without clutter. These pieces are suitable for both women and men. Source early 16th century Middleburg This model has three pockets, one with a central gusset. Made of vegetable tanned leather and goat leather for the gusset. Golden brown color Dimensions 12cm X 7cm Price: 35 €

Hand purse  En stock

This purse is the exact reproduction of a Dutch excavation piece found in Smeerenburg on the island of Spitsbergen. Small in size (16cm long by 10cm high), it can be put in a garment pocket or in a bag. Made of vegetable tanned leather and turned calfskin, walnut stain dyeing, fullyly handmade sewing with waxed linen thread. The brass strapend was made by me. Price 120 €

Knife and scissors with its sheath  En stock

Here is the essential accessory for all workers: a sheath for a knife and forces, common models in the 14th and 15th centuries. The leather sheath was molded beforehand on the force then molded on the knife before being sewn on the external face. Made of 1.5mm thick vegetable tanned collar, stitching with waxed linen thread, patinated hazelnut dye and vegetable dyed silk braided loop (Micky's workshop). The knife was forged by Mikhail de Forge de gobannos Item available for sale Price 180€

XIIIthe fringe sheaths  En stock

Fringe sheaths for sheepsfoot blade knives sourced from the 13th century to the beginning of the 14th century. Most of these sheaths have been found in Northern Europe (Germany, Estonia and even Scotland). Made of vegetable tanned leather, the stitching was done with waxed linen thread, the embroidery on the first sheath is in vegetable-dyed silk (Micky's workshop). Sheepsfoot blade knives were forged by the excellent Gobannos Forge 150€ for one piece

gift parchment boxes  En stock

The original model appears in the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves (1440), this small parchment box is YES Gentlemen Ladies an Origami! There are 2 closing systems, an interior that connects 2 sides, an exterior with opposite sides so no risk of losing the valuable object present in the box! I declined it in natural color and in tempera paint with the gilding appearing on the central model. Size Small 4cm side, Large 5cm side