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floral pattern XVth century belt  En stock

Floral pattern type XVth century entirely hand embossed, marine blue dye with alcohol, X-shaped appliques (symbol of the renewal and the eternity of God), XVth century brass buckle and strapend. dimensions: 134cm long, 2.5cm width. Price € 180

Kampfrau purse  En stock

Intended primarily for women's use in civilian or lansquenet, this purse is perfect to complete a "kampfrau" suit. Purse made of goatskin (conform to the originals) entirely sewn by hand. Embroidery with natural dyed linen thread, wool drawstrings, wooden buttons. Price 140 €

Bollock dagger and scabbard  En stock

Fifteenth century luxury model bollock dagger double edged blunted blade, natural wood handle. 1.5mm vegetable tanned leather scabbard. Total length of the scabbard 20cm. Historical pattern fully embossed by hand. Alcohol black dyed. Lucette in vegetable-dyed silk thread. Price 130 €

Small utility knife with sheath  En stock

Small XIVth century utility knife with bone handle and sheath with historical lily motifs (5mm x 5mm pattern size). Alcohol Ox blood dyed. Made in vegetable tanned leather 1,5mm thickness. Braided suspension cord in yellow vegetable dyed silk thread. Knife dimensions : 20 cm total length, blade length 10cm. Price 75 €

Dordrecht Purse  En stock

Reproduction of a Dordrecht model purse (Purses in pieces). Tanned vegetable leather 0.8mm and 1.5mm thicknesses. Fullly hand-stitched according to the original. Alcohol dye and flaxen thread. Identical dimensions to the original purse 22cm X 22cm. Perfect for the 2nd half of the 14th and 15th centuries. Price 80 €

Medieval wallets with custom patterns  En stock

You would like to keep in one secure place your identity papers, credit card, bank notes without your wallet explodes in medieval events ? Well it's done, I offer a medieval wallet based on a XVth century piece of excavation . Reproduction of the original in goat leather with engraved pattern. All other patterns are embossed by hand (reproduction of fifteenth century illuminations). Made in vegetable tanned leather 1.5mm thickness. Dimensions identical to the original: 12cm length X 9cm width. Price 24 €

Double pouch Dordrecht purse  En stock

Faithful reproduction of a Dordrecht purse from an illustration in the book "Purses in Pieces". Double pocket with added linen according to the original piece. Pattern engraved on the front pocket. Stitching with potted linen thread, golden brown oil stain. Dimensions 22cm X 22cm approximately. Suitable for late 14th and 15th century reconstruction. Price 95 €

Roundel dagger and birds pattern sheath  En stock

Recreation of scabbard Fifteenth century period made from illustrations and photos of the original piece. On the original model, the birds were applied with stamps. For my achievement, I completely embossed and engraved the patterns by hand. Each diamond measures 1.4cm wide, the sheath measures 31cm long, 3cm wide at the base of the blade and 1.5cm at the end of the last pattern. Tunnel seam on the entire sheath, alcohol black dyed, Braided suspension cord made with vegetable dyed silk thread. XVth century roundel Dagger ; total length 42cm. Price 140 €

Dordrecht purse with two colours  En stock

Double pouch purse made from the Decameron illumination. Black exterior, the back of the front pouch and the front of the back pouch are in natural color, only switched to linseed oil. Linen pocket sewn on the leather shape in 3 parts (according to the constructions of excavation founds) openwork of trilobs. Sewn with waxed linen thread, engraved with open knife and "circle" stamp. XVth century brass besants, buckle and strapend. Dimensions 24cm X 24cm approximately

Knife pricker and leather case  En stock

Cutlery case (knife and pricker with horn handle length 24,5cm) for end of XIVth - XVth century reenactement end . Inner liner in leather boiled and molded directly on each utensil. Upper liner embossed according to an historical pattern of excavation. Waxed linen thread sewn, black alcohol dye, braided suspension cord made with vegetal dyed silk thread . Size of the case: length 21,5cm, thickness side handle 3,5cm, width 3cm. Price for the set 110 €

German big Purse  En stock

Recreation of a German excavation piece, late fifteenth - early sixteenth century. Compartment made with goatskin like the original, vegetal tanned leather flap embossed with a man's face. A goatskin underflap with pocket, an inside pocket; very common on these models. Entirely hand-stitched withwaxed linen thread. Dimensions: height 20cm, width 13.5cm. Price 85 €

Stylus and sheath  En stock

To the arms of Savoy (but the coat of arms can be fully red tinted at the request of customer !!). Floral pattern embossed from historical sources. Perfect for 14th and 1st half of XVe century. Dimensions of the sheath : length 14cm max width 1,5cm. Stylus dimensions : total length 18cm - Blade length 9cm. Braided black silk suspension cord. Price 70 €

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Single pouch girdle purse  En stock

Purse made with vegetal tanned leather. Picture embossed by hand based on a poetry book writen and illustrated by Guillaume de Machaut (3rd quarter of the 14th century) Hand sewn with waxed linen thread, golden brown oil and alcohol burgundy dyed. Historical brass buckle made by LORIFACTOR. Measurements: Height 22cm, Total width 23cm. Price 110 €

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