XVth century

The fifteenth century finally sees the completion of the 100-year war. It is also the century of the Renaissance, movement born in Italy in the previous century (Quattrocento), which will bring new ideas, technologies and discoveries of the world.

Period's categories

XVth century Purses

End of XVth century italian girdle purse

Here is the reproduction of a purse and its belt from Jan Gossaert's painting "The Adoration of the Magi". I had this project in mind for a few years and luck made it possible for me to carry it out for a company of scholars. The purse is made with vegetable tanned leather 1.5mm and 0.8mm thick, the pouches are in supple calfskin edged with waxed linen thread. It will have been a big and long job (as much on the purse as the belt) of tracing, incisions, delimitations and stamping applications before "protecting" the areas remaining in natural color to apply the dyes. The original initials have been replaced by those of the very happy owner. Lollipops for closing purses in purple vegetable tinted silk.

Double pouches girdle purse

Dordrecht type girdle purse for a soldier or an average level character. Double pocket with front opening, IHS symbol (Iesus Hominum Salvatore) embossed on the flap. Stitching with waxed linen thread, contrasting black oxidation-gallic dye and walnut stain. Dimensions: 23cm X 23cm

"Triumph of Death" girdle purse

Double pocket girdle purse made from a French excavation piece of 1400 in vegetal tanned leather, 1mm thickness. The illuminations are from a mid-14th century fresco, The Triumph of Death, painted by Bonamico_Buffalmacco. This fresco is located on Campo Santo in Pisa, Italy. The insert on the internal pouch is made of white deer leather. All seams were made with waxed linen thread. Dimensions: Height 17cm, Width 18.5cm

German girdle purse

Reproduction of a girdle purse according to an illustration from the book "Das Zeitalter des Humanismus" (dated late 15th-16th century) Made in vegetal tanned leather 1mm thickness with a pocket. Sewing with waxed linen thread, fairly heavy "Ave Maria " besants and a brass buckle Dimensions: Height 18cm, Width 22cm

XVth century German girdle purse

Reproduction of a purse from a painting by Meister Der Laufener (1465-1470). 1mm thick vegetal tanned leather. The insert is in lambskin. Sewing with waxed linen thread. Sourced brass buckle Dimensions: height 18cm, Width 20cm Price: 75 €

Dordrecht girdle purse

Single pouch Dordrecht girdle purse . Made with 1mm thickness vegetal tanned leather, it takes the exact shape and size of the excavation piece. Sewing with waxed linen thread, lacing with natural leather lace in accordance with the original, golden brown dyed Dimensions: Height 22 cm, Width 23 cm.

Girdle purse Dordrecht

Dordrecht girdle purse made from the famous book Purses in Pieces by Olaf Goubitz. Two pockets with mirrored opening (this system like the false flap was used in the Middle Ages against the robbers), one with an insert in upturned calfskin. Vegetal tanned leather 1mm thickness Black dye according to historical recipe based on iron oxide. Hand sewn with waxed linen thread Lacing in natural leather and brass mounts Dimensions: Height 21cm, Maximum width 22cm

St Georges girdle purse

15th century double pouch girdle purse with two pouchlets. The illustration has been fully hand embossed, it represents Saint George slaying the dragon, the original illumination appears in the Horae ad usum romanum. Dimensions: Height 13 cm, Width 11 cm Made of vegetable tanned leather 1.5mm and 1mm thickness and calfskin for the insert on the front pocket and the pouchlets. Fully hand sewn with natural waxed linen thread. Dimensions: Height 24 cm, Width 22 cm

Leather woman purse

Here is a purse for a 15th century lady. The shape, the material, the construction, the suspension and the incised hearts are largely inspired by a purse exhibited at the British Museum. The patterns of acanthus leaves (Italian fashion from the last quarter of the 15th century) around the edge of the flap were incised, embossed and shaped by hand. The pompoms are in vegetable dyed silk, wooden beads. Sewn with waxed linen thread, show brown dye Dimensions (excluding pompoms and hanging ring : Height 19cm, Max width 18cm

German girdle purse

Double pouches early fifteenth century girdle purse. On the flap are represented in embossed leather and dyed the coat of arms of the Ratsamhaussen family on the left and the imperial eagle of the Holy Germanic Empire (coat of arms after 1368) Purse made with 1mm thick vegetable tanned leather for the pockets and 1,5mm for the back pocket and flap. Sewing with waxed linen thread Dimensions: Width 24 cm, Height 23 cm

Girdle purse with love motto

Here is a work of finesse and meticulousness on this purse. Here is my interpretation of the 1400 French girdle purse exhibited at the MET, New York. The love sentence and the two eagles in blazon were hand incised and hand embossed . I intentionally wanted the back pouch in one piece with the front flap, unlike the original piece shows tinkering had been done. Hand sewn with waxed linen thread Black dye is a historic recipe with iron. I really wanted this wallet to be as close as possible to the original, a craft jewel. Dimensions: Height 17cm, Width 19 cm

Two pockets girdle purse

Fifteenth century girdle purse with two pockets : inside is in natural color, the outside in show brown dyed. The Incised pattern comes from a piece of excavation from Dordrecht (Netherlands) Dimensions: Width 22cm, Length about 22 cm

"Memento Mori" girdle purse

Fifteenth century girdle purse with two pockets, one with red dyed linen lining, the second with two purses closed by vegetal dyed silk braided loops and wooden beads. The embossed pattern comes from the DANSE MACABRE of Great Basel, a mural of more than 60 meters long, painted in 1440 on the inside of the cemetery of the convent of the Dominicans. He represents a merchant caught by Death! Dimensions: Danse Macabre pattern Height 11cm, Width 10cm Purse: Height 20cm, Width 21cm

Double pouch girdle purse

Girdle purse type XVth century with 2 pouches , vegetable tanned leather thickness 0.8mm With coat of arms of the customer and the company "Frères de Lance". Alternation of black and navy blue dye on both pouches, stitching pocket openings in festoon with waxed linen thread. Assembly with black leather lace. Buckle and strapend from LORIFACTOR Dimensions: Width 24cm, Height 23cm

German big Purse

Recreation of a German excavation piece, late fifteenth - early sixteenth century. Compartment made with goatskin like the original, vegetal tanned leather flap embossed with a man's face. A goatskin underflap with pocket, an inside pocket; very common on these models. Entirely hand-stitched withwaxed linen thread. Dimensions: height 20cm, width 13.5cm.

Dordrecht purse with two colours

Double pouch purse made from the Decameron illumination. Black exterior, the back of the front pouch and the front of the back pouch are in natural color, only switched to linseed oil. Linen pocket sewn on the leather shape in 3 parts (according to the constructions of excavation founds) openwork of trilobs. Sewn with waxed linen thread, engraved with open knife and "circle" stamp. XVth century brass besants, buckle and strapend. Dimensions 24cm X 24cm approximately.

Double pouch Dordrecht purse

Faithful reproduction of a Dordrecht purse from an illustration in the book "Purses in Pieces". Double pocket with added linen according to the original piece. Pattern engraved on the front pocket. Stitching with potted linen thread, golden brown oil stain. Dimensions 22cm X 22cm approximately. Suitable for late 14th and 15th century reconstruction. Price 95 €

Money maker Purse

It was a big challenge for embossing and setting in color this XVth century paint from the mural fresco of the Church of St. Barbara in Kutna Hora (Southern Moldova). One pouch purse. Alcohol dyes applied with brush. Brass buckle and strapend

Dordrecht purse double pockets with "AMOURE" pattern

Recreation of a original purse late 14th-15th century. dimensions 24cm X 24cm. Front pocket is larger than the back pouch and hides the rear one. The binding on the belt loops is ensured by the seam of the two pockets on the back. Embroidery on the pockets with the linen thread (point of festoon on the front pocket) Old brown dye, finish with linseed oil Pattern of engraved lines based on originals, word "AMOURE" hand embossed.

Money changer purses

Faithful recreation of Dordrecht excavation found late 14th-early 15th century. False flap with ears, 2 pockets, one with 3 pouchlets closed by lace. Brass buckle type Dordrecht. Vegetable tanned leather. burgundy and golden brown alcohol dye, stitched with linen thread and wooden beads. Dimensions 22cm X 22cm approximately

Tristan Quilt pattern purse

14th-15th century purse made from a piece of excavation. Hand embossed on the pocket and the flap : floral pattern from Tristan Quilt late 14th century. Dimensions H24cm X L20cm. Alcohol and linseed oil dyed

XIVth century leather cases

Leather case with fantastic animals

Reproduction of a 14th century leather box, origin France or Italy exhibited at the British Museum. Made in 2 layers of boiled vegetable tanned leather glued and sewn. The embossing work was very meticulous, the figures of fantastic animals are remarkable. Everything was drawn freehand, incised and pushed back with a spoon. Oxido-gallic black dye, natural beeswax patina Dimensions: 12cm X 8cm X 4cm

German needle box

Needle box reproduction of a German archeological find from the 14th century on display at the Cologne Museum. Entirely made without seam, the box has been assembled with boiled leather, gelatin and fish glue. Made in 2 layers of 2mm leather. The patterns were incised and shaped with a spoon. Finishes with black oxidation-gallic dye and natural beeswax. Dimensions: Height 7.5cm, Width 3cm

ALbum leather needles boxes

In this album you will find a series of needle boxes. All are sourced. Compatible with reconstitution 2nd half 14th century and 15th century. Made in 2 layers of molded natural leather, sewn and embossed on a wooden form. Waxed linen thread sewing Give me the number of the box you want by message and I will note it reserved.

Spectacle leather cases

Leather cases for non-folding medieval glasses. Made in 2 layers of vegetable tanned collar 1.5mm thickness boiled and molded on a wooden form. Carving and embossing of the floral and geometric patterns have hand been made manually once the set was dry. Black dye according to historical recipe based on iron oxide then waxing with natural beewax. White deer leather lace Suitable for glasses up to 12 cm in length. Dimensions: Internal height 1.5cm, Length 14cm, Width 6.5cm

Needle cases

Small needle boxes made from Dordrecht's excavation pieces Two layers of leather. Pattern incised and embossed by hand. Vegetal dyed silk braided loop Dimensions: Height 6.5 cm, Width 2.5cm

German needle case

Reconstruction of a needle box on display at Cologne Museum in Germany. Made with two layers of vegetable tanned leather. Pattern incised and embossed by hand. Vegetal dyed silk braided loop Dimensions: Height 8cm, Width 2.5cm

Birds pattern needle case

Needle case reproduced from an incomplete excavation piece (the cap was missing) from Dordrecht (reference "Purses and Pieces") Birds pattern and incised and embossed branches, background applied with 1mm point stamp. Cap pattern is an interpretation from the case 2 layers of leather moistened, molded and sewn on a wooden base. Stitched with waxed linen thread, ox blood dye Yellow vegetal dyed silk braided loop Dimensions: Height 8cm, Width 2.5cm

Floral pattern needles case

Made in two layers of vegetable tanned leather. Italian inspired floral motif entirely embossed by hand. Blood red dye. Braided loop made in vegetal dyed silk. Dimensions: Height 8cm, Width 2.5cm

Sewing leather box

Dimensions 20cm in diameter, 14 cm high. The illuminating motifs were embossed and incised by hand, then dyed with alcohol dye for the body of the box, alcohol dye also for the lid with a brush. The motif on the lid has been faithfully reproduced from an illumination of the Breviarium ad usum fratrum Predicatorum, known as Breviary of Belleville (1323-1326), the patterns on the outline come from the book of hours of Charlotte of Savoy (1420-1430) ). Sewing with flaxen linen thread in apparent tunnel seams for the lid and the bottom; invisible tunnel seam for the contour.

XVth century Scabbards and Sheaths

Rondel dagger and scabbard

Here is a rondel dagger and its embossed sheath Constructed from 2 layers of boiled leather shaped to form the "bowl" and sewn on the back. The very fine pattern comes from an Italian piece from the end of the 15th century exhibited at the MET in New York. Drawing by hand, incision with a knife and shaping with a spoon on a base of dots of 1mm diameter. Black oxidation-gallic dye and natural beeswax patina. The interior of the bowl has been painted with tempera (cadmium red pigments and egg). The suspension loop and the pompoms are in vegetable-tinted red silk Be careful, the sharp side of the dagger really is !!! Sheath length: 34.5cm

Bone handle knife with sheath

Here is a very tapered utility with its bone handle and its sourced sheath! Sheath made of vegetable tanned leather of 1.5mm boiled and molded on the knife. Handmade incisions and patterns, sewing with waxed linen thread and historical iron oxide black dye. Suspension lace in vegetable tanned white deer leather. Utility dimensions: Blade 12cm, Handle 8cm Dimensions of the sheath: Length 18cm, Maximum width 3cm Price € 110

Bollock dagger and sheath

The essential accessory that any re-enactor must wear to the side is a dagger. I therefore offer you a 15th century bollock dagger (Tod Cutler) and its 15th century scabbard. Scabbard made of 2mm vegetable tanned leather; the embossed and incised patterns are inspired by a late 15th century excavation piece. Waxed linen thread sewn, black dye based on iron oxide. A natural dyed yellow silk braided loop (Micky's workshop) will secure the sheath on your belt. Scabbard dimensions: Length 31 cm, Width 3cm Price 200 €

Knives sheaths

All these sheaths were made from excavations founds of Dordrecht (Netherlands) Vegetal tanned leather leather 1.5mm wet and stitched in force on each knife. Vegetal dyed silk braided loops

"Dragon" sheath

Bollock dagger scabbard with Dragon pattern based on a piece of Dordrecht excavation. The leather was embossed and incised before been molded and sewn on the dagger. Black dyed

Long sword scabbard and baldric

Sword scabbard with personalized coat of arms and floral patterns. The suspension system was made seamlessly according to the sources of the period. Navy blue dyed, floral patterns and coat of arms of the owner painted with fine paintbrush. Belt type XVth century, black dyeing, brass accessories (buckle, mordant, belt mounts, distributor) are from LORIFACTOR. The "IHC" motif is a reproduction of a historical one. Dimensions: Length of scabbard 92cm, width at the mouth 4,5cm Belt: Total length 105cm, Width 2cm

Cutlery sheath

Leather sheath for 3 pieces cutlery set in two layers of vegetal tanned leather molded directly onto the utensils. Pattern reproduced from a knife sheath from France XVth century with the inscription "I endure". Medium brown alcohol dye. Suspension cord made with red vegetal dyed silk braided thread. Dimensions: length 21cm, width 6cm

Cutlery case

Cutlery case made from an Italian fifteenth century source. Two layers of vegetable tanned leather, an inner molded shape cutlery, an outer fully embossed by hand taking the original motifs such as the couple in medallion, the shape of the coat of arms that I personalized in Coat of Arms of Savoy, the cherubs that support it and the floral patterns. Dimensions: Length 19cm, maximum Width 6cm. Alcohol dyes, suspension cord made of vegetable-dyed silk braided thread

Stylus and sheath

To the arms of Savoy (but the coat of arms can be fully red tinted at the request of customer !!). Floral pattern embossed from historical sources. Perfect for 14th and 1st half of XVe century. Dimensions of the sheath : length 14cm max width 1,5cm. Stylus dimensions : total length 18cm - Blade length 9cm. Braided black silk suspension cord. Price 70 €

Knife pricker and leather case

Cutlery case (knife and pricker with horn handle length 24,5cm) for end of XIVth - XVth century reenactement end . Inner liner in leather boiled and molded directly on each utensil. Upper liner embossed according to an historical pattern of excavation. Waxed linen thread sewn, black alcohol dye, braided suspension cord made with vegetal dyed silk thread . Size of the case: length 21,5cm, thickness side handle 3,5cm, width 3cm. Price for the set 110 €

Roundel dagger and birds pattern sheath

Recreation of scabbard Fifteenth century period made from illustrations and photos of the original piece. On the original model, the birds were applied with stamps. For my achievement, I completely embossed and engraved the patterns by hand. Each diamond measures 1.4cm wide, the sheath measures 31cm long, 3cm wide at the base of the blade and 1.5cm at the end of the last pattern. Tunnel seam on the entire sheath, alcohol black dyed, Braided suspension cord made with vegetable dyed silk thread. XVth century roundel Dagger ; total length 42cm. Price 140 €

Stylus and sheath

Fine work on sheaths of small stylus 14th-15th century. Fully embossed by hand with customizable patterns. Dimensions: length 14cm max width 1,5cm. Made in vegetable tanned leather 1,5cm thickness. Braided suspension cord made with gold silk threads. Stylus dimensions: Total length 18cm - Blade length 9cm

Messer Scabbard

Messer Scabbard with customer's motto and coat of arms. Alcohol mahogany dyed, red linen thread stitching.

Bollock dagger and scabbard

Fifteenth century luxury model bollock dagger double edged blunted blade, natural wood handle. 1.5mm vegetable tanned leather scabbard. Total length of the scabbard 20cm. Historical pattern fully embossed by hand. Alcohol black dyed. Lucette in vegetable-dyed silk thread.

dining knife and sheath

A second half utility knife XIVth - XVth century. Blade length 14.5 cm. With its sheath fully embossed by hand. Motif with leaf and fleur-de-lis, reproductions of historical motifs. alcohol black dye, lucette in vegetal dyed red silk thread. Length of the sheath 22cm. Price 68 €

Bollock dagger with sheath

Marshall Historical bollock Dagger (horn handle) blunted and its scabbard based on a Dordrecht found. I tried to be as faithful as possible to the original. Vegetable tanned leather 1.5 mm thick, fully embossed by hand, stitching with flaxen linen thread on the back edge as on the original. Black alcohol dye and braided suspension cord of 10 gold silk threads.

Roundel Dagger with historical pattern sheath

Roundel Dagger late 14th-15th century. Sheath made in vegetable tanned leather embossed by handbased on a historical pattern. Alcohol black dyed. Ten golden silk threads braided lace

Floral pattern embossed XVth century Belt

floral pattern XVth century belt

Floral pattern type XVth century entirely hand embossed, marine blue dye with alcohol, X-shaped appliques (symbol of the renewal and the eternity of God), XVth century brass buckle and strapend. dimensions: 134cm long, 2.5cm width. Price € 180


End of XVth century woman purse

Women purse made of vegetal tanned leather, goatskin and calfskin. The coat of arms representing a rose has been fully hand embossed. Waxed linen thread sewn . Golden brown dyed. All embroidery and braided loops are in vegetable dyed silk.

XVth century purse  En stock

Recreation of a 15th century German female purse discovered in Lübeck. Made in vegetable tanned goatskin in accordance with the original pieces. Chain stitch embroidery with vegetable dyed silk thread Fully hand-stitched with potted linen thread. Reinforcements on the top of the purse with 3mm natural leather lace. Dimensions in accordance with the original piece: 14 cm width X 22 cm length Price 90€

Medieval personalized Wallets

Medieval wallets with custom patterns  En stock

You would like to keep in one secure place your identity papers, credit card, bank notes without your wallet explodes in medieval events ? Well it's done, I offer a medieval wallet based on a XVth century piece of excavation . Reproduction of the original in goat leather with engraved pattern. All other patterns are embossed by hand (reproduction of fifteenth century illuminations). Made in vegetable tanned leather 1.5mm thickness. Dimensions identical to the original: 12cm length X 9cm width. Price 25 €

XVth century leather cases

Boiled leatyher needle case

Fully glued boiled leather needle box! 4 layers of leather (2 for the inner body and 2 for the outer body) Long days of cutting, fitting, tempering, shaping and drying before moving on to the next layers. Decoration typical of 15th century Italian art in incised acanthus leaves shaped with a bone spoon Black oxido-gallic dye from a historical recipe and patina with natural beeswax. The whole thing has been enhanced with a plant-tinted wool braided loop (L'atelier de Micky) Dimensions: Height 8.3cm Width 3.3cm

gift parchment boxes  En stock

The original model appears in the Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves (1440), this small parchment box is YES Gentlemen Ladies an Origami! There are 2 closing systems, an interior that connects 2 sides, an exterior with opposite sides so no risk of losing the valuable object present in the box! I declined it in natural color and in tempera paint with the gilding appearing on the central model. Size Small 4cm side, Large 5cm side

Cup case and lid

Here is a small leather box largely inspired by a French glass box from the 15th century. The 2.5mm thick inner layer was boiled then covered with a layer of 2mm vegetable tanned leather that was boiled and force sewn. The patterns were incised, pushed back with a spoon and enhanced with a background of small dots. Black oxidation-gallic dye and natural beeswax patina Diameter at the base 4.5cm, diameter at the lid 7.5cm Height 6.5cm

Dordrecht leather comb case

Here is a comb box inspired by a model from a Dordrecht excavation. Box made of 2 layers of vegetable tanned leather 2mm thick, boiled and sewn in force on a wooden form. On the front face, fleur-de-lis patterns have been applied with a bone stamp, on the back, it is a line succession of castle and flower motifs (bone stamps) You will notice the position of the suspension lace located on the front and back faces and not on the sides like most boxes. Sewing with waxed linen thread, golden brown and medium brown dye, natural beeswax finish, handmade vegetable-tinted red wool lollipop Dimensions: Height 9cm, Width 9cm, Thickness 2.5cm Box delivered with its ash comb (dimensions 8cm X 8cm)

German comb leather case

Women in historical reenactment also use leather accessories. Here is for these ladies a pretty comb box, a replica of a German excavation piece dating from the 15th century on display at the National Museum in Nuremberg. Made of 2 layers of boiled leather, the box was built according to the original model ; the bottom was glued with fish glue, the top of the box was sewn with waxed linen thread. The freehand drawn patterns were incised and shaped with a spoon. Oxido-gallic black dye. Natural beeswax patina The suspension hand braided cord for hanging on the belt is made of 2 blue and yellow natural dyed silk threads. Dimensions: Height and Width 9cm, Depth 2.5cm Box delivered with its wooden comb

Leather box and wax tablets

15th century writing tablets leather case with its bone stylus used as a closure. The patterns are largely inspired by an Italian box exhibited at the Civic Museum of Ancient Art in Turin. Drawn by freehand, the patterns have been embossed and shaped directly on the leather shaped and sewn on a wooden base. Made with an inner layer of sheepskin and an outer layer of vegetable tanned leather 2mm thick. Waxed linen thread sewn and historic black dye based on iron oxide. Dimensions of the box: Height 12.5cm, Width 8.5cm, Depth 3cm Price 200 €

Knife and leather case

Knife Leather case : half box half sheath! The 1.5mm thick strip of leather was boiled, shaped and sewn onto a wooden form. The patterns were drawn freehand and embossed directly onto the leather. Precision work in view of the dimensions of the object. Sewn with waxed linen thread, black dye based on iron oxide, braided loop and tassels in yellow vegetal dyed silk. The superb Heart motif knife delivered with this case was made by Tod Cutler. Total dimensions of the case: Length 21cm, Width 3.5cm, Depth 2cm.

XVth century venetian leather book box  En stock

Here is a beautiful and imposing object that I am proud to introduce you: a big book box, reproduction of a Venetian piece, from a private collection, however the Cologne Museum has agreed to provide me with some photos and information on this object. Dated from the last quarter of the 15th century. The box measures 18cm high, about 14cm wide and almost 9cm deep. Made in 2 layers of thick leather (more than 2mm thick). The inner layer was molded onto a beech shape. The outer layer was "boiled" and then sewn by force on the initial layer. All the patterns were drawn freehand according to those of the original part, incised and embossed. Black dye is a historic recipe based on iron oxide, so don't be surprised to see slight color differences in the photos. The finish was made with a patina in natural beewax. The brown suspension lace is made of deer leather. Price 420 €

Little round box

Reproduction of a 15th century leather box possible origin France or Italy exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 2 layers of vegetable tanned leather, hand incision and embossing on the external face with the IHS monogram (Iesus Hominum Salvatore) and floral patterns. Tunneled stitching with waxed linen thread. Dimensions: Diameter 7cm, Height 5cm.

XVth century italian penner case

Here is a penner case (case for calligraphy material) for italian end of XVth century reenactment. The geometric and floral patterns were freehand drawn then incised and embossed, they come from a leather box exhibited at the MET in New York. The coat of arms contains the initials of the customer as well as the cross affixed to his seal. Made of 2 layers of 2mm thick vegetal tanned leather; the inner layer was boiled and sewn on the wooden form, the outer layer was worked flat before being sewn on the body. Tunnel stitching for all parts. Dimensions: Height 25cm, Diameter 5cm

Leather box with mirror

Work in collaboration with a couple of passionate artisans Ludmila and Anton of Gothic Cast. Here is an exceptional piece, the replica of a fifteenth century Italian leather box made by me and its mirror manufactured by Gothic Cast (identical replica of a mirror late fourteenth century preserved in the British Museum). The frame is in synthetic ivory and the mirror is in glass (dimensions 10.5cm x 10.5cm, mirror diameter 9cm). The leather box is the replica of an artifact preserved at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Made in 2 layers of boiled leather quite thick. I admit that I spent indefinable time on the embossing of the maxim "DE BOEN AMORE" and on the acanthus leaves (incision, embossing and shaping each leaf according to original ones ). Black dye according to historical recipe based on patinated iron oxide and then full waxing of the box. The dimensions are identical to the original piece: Height and Width 12cm, Depth 3cm

Italian round box

Here is the result of a long work of embossing and construction for the reproduction of an Italian leather box dated late fifteenth and sixteenth century exposed in the MET,New York. I tried to faithfully reproduce the floral ornamentations on the stripes respectively measuring from the center 2cm and 1,2cm. Freehand drawing of floral patterns, incision, embossing, spoon and undercut beveler shaping. The original box got a wooden core, I deliberately chose to make it entirely in 2,5cm thickness leather The walls were glued. The interior is trimmed with purple velvet wool. Dimensions in accordance with the original: Diameter 21cm, Height approximately 4,5cm Available for sale

German Leather Case

Leather case inspired by a German writing tablets german case (1400) on display at the Hessian Regional Museum in Darmstadt, Germany. Consisting of two layers of boiled leather 2.5cm thickness. Tunnel sewing with black waxed linen thread. The geometric patterns were drawn freehand, incised and embossed. Black dye is a medieval recipe based on iron. After dyeing, a long polishing with wool cloth was applied for a beautiful patina Dimensions: Height 12cm, Width 9cm, Thickness 3cm

Round box

Here is the recreation of a leather round box from the fifteenth century possibly France or Italy exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 2 layers of vegetable tanned leather, incision and embossing on the outer side with the IHS monogram (Iesus Hominum Salvatore) and floral patterns. Tunnel sewing with waxed linen thread. Dimensions: Diameter 7cm, Height 5cm

French pattern Gallimard or pen case

Gallimard or pen case cylindrical. 2 layers of leather 2mm thickness wet and sewn molded on a wooden form before embossing patterns (source from a leather box of the fifteenth century). Sewn with waxed linen thread according to the "tunnel" method. Dimensions: Length 21 cm, diameter 4.5 cm

XVth century Gallimard or Pen case

The gallimard or callimart is a case of calligraphy material like feathers and sharpening tools. This gallimard was reproduced after an Italian excavation piece of the fifteenth century. 2 layers of leather wet and sewn molded on a wooden form beforeembossing. Dimensions: length 23cm, width 5cm, depth 3cm

French leather box

Floral pattern based on a XVth century French excavation piece. the motto was changed according of the family's owner: "Nosce Te Ipsum" (Know yourself). Entirely incised and carved by hand. Inner layer was formed using the technique of boiled leather, outer layer fully carved was sewn wet on the first form. Light brown alcohol dye and linseed oil finishing. The suspension cord is made of vegetable-dyed red silk braidedthread. Dimensions: Length 13cm, Width 8cm, Thickness 2cm approx.

Glass leather case

Beautiful leather box made from an original kept in the MET Museum dated 15th century origin France or Italy. I took the original motifs: concentric circles and two kinds of floral motifs. 4mm vegetable tanned leather inner layer molded, 2mm outer layer fully embossed by hand. Black dye with alcohol, tunnel sewing with waxed linen thread. Dimensions: Height 16cm, Maximum Diameter 11 cm

cup case and lid

Recreation of a small leather box based from of an item exposed at the Albert & Victoria Museum. 2 layers of vegetal tanned leather, the first for the inner shape, the second on the outside completely embossed by hand. Lid formed on the box according to the technique of boiled leather. Tunnel sewing with wax linen thread. Alcohol black dyed. Dimensions: 4cm diameter at the base, 6.5cm at the neck, height 5cm.

XVth century chests

XVth century Italian casket  En stock

Reproduction of a 15th century Italian casket. The wooden box was made according to the rules of historical construction. Covering in 0.8mm vegetable tanned leather, motifs identical to the original box, incised and embossed. everything was glued with fish glue. The fittings and the medieval lock were forged by hand. The tinning was entirely done manually, the lock mechanism fully complies with 15th century standards. Everything was placed on the box using brass rivets (homemade), the original box being equipped with them! The interior of the casket was lined with parchment then covered with a layer of gesso and then with carmine red tempera paint. The box comes with 2 hand-forged keys Dimensions: Length 18.5cm, Width 15cm, Height 19.5cm Price 2000€

XVth century leather covered chest

Ash box covered with embossed leather, origin North of France or Flanders. Period 2nd half of 15th century The wood, ash from the Ardennes, cut several decades ago, has dried in optimal conditions for quality maturation. It was cut and assembled according to the original model. Once made, I covered the box with 0.8mm thick vegetable tanned leather, fully embossed and incised according to the photos of the original model. Everything was glued with fish glue. Then came the work of all the fittings, handle and lock, all forged by hand. Work with hammer, saw, files and chisels. Rolling up the hinges and riveting them took a long time. The assembled lock is made of several pieces, all according to traditional methods. The forged and coiled keys gave work and the locking of the lock was adapted to these keys. Once the fittings were applied, I dressed the inside of the box in parchment glued with fish glue and I painted it using the tempera method (egg, linseed oil and natural cadmium red pigment) "A great challenge for an autodidact like me and just a crazy pleasure of a team work of enthusiasts, a work of research on the work of wood, assembly, forge, locksmith and leather which will lead to other research challenges "dixit Manu since we made the box with 4 hands. All the work is critical and the absolute does not exist but these discoveries make us want to go further in understanding and perfection, but let us be happy and proud of this result. Dimensions: Height 22 cm; Length 37 cm; Width 20 cm I can make 14th , 15th historical chests on demand. Please contact me