XIIIth century

A period marked by many crusades. The dress style of the time was already elaborate, as evidenced by the many accessories such as belts of nobility richly decorated.

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XIIIth century scabbards and baldrics

XIIIthe fringe sheaths  En stock

Fringe sheaths for sheepsfoot blade knives sourced from the 13th century to the beginning of the 14th century. Most of these sheaths have been found in Northern Europe (Germany, Estonia and even Scotland). Made of vegetable tanned leather, the stitching was done with waxed linen thread, the embroidery on the first sheath is in vegetable-dyed silk (Micky's workshop). Sheepsfoot blade knives were forged by the excellent Gobannos Forge 150€ for one piece

Knife and sheath

Utility knife and its leather sheath, both replicas of excavation item 391 from the Knives and Scabbards, late 13th century. The sheath is made of 2mm thick vegetal tanned leather, molded and sewn with waxed linen thread on the knife. The lillies patterns are reproductions of the originals. Dyed with a mixture of walnut husk and linseed oil Knife dimensions: 11.5mm blade, 10cm handle Sheath dimensions: Length 17.5cm, max width 3cm

Dagger and Scabbard

Dagger scabbard reproduced from a piece of excavation 2nd half of the XIIIth century. Realized in vegetable tanned leather 2.5mm thickness. The lillie leather stamps of 3 different sizes are exact replicas of 13th century stamps. The name RICARDIE was incised in the leather (lack of corresponding stamp)

XIIIth century Scabbard and Harness

Scabbard and harness of Saunières

Scabbard and harness reproduced from Saunières model. Vegetable tanned leather 3mm thickness. Dark brown dyed , linseed oil applied on the snake tongue belt

Nobility Belts

Noble belt

Belt 2nd half 13th century The buckle, strapend, belt mounts and against plates are in bronze, always a great work in collaboration with the master silversmith Hervé LACASSAGNE of the Workshop Drille and Triboulet. Precious riveting with the jeweler's hammer of some 88 bronze rivets. The series of embossed and incised patterns is inspired by illuminations of the thirteenth century Show brown alcohol dye Dimensions: Total length 165cm, width 2cm

Lord Belt

Belt XIIIe century: bronze belt mounts, buckle and strapend realized by a great goldsmith Hervé LACASSAGNE of the workshop Drille and Triboulet. The incised pattern come from illuminations 2nd half XIIIth century Golden brown oil dye Dimensions: total length 165cm, width 2,5cm, belt mounts are 2cm of side I would like to point out that the whole loop has been meticulously riveted to the jeweler's hammer and that each rivet is perfectly smoothed so as not to pull the precious threads of your most beautiful costumes.